Town & Country Planning Department

Details of office arrangements and duties:

  • Preparation of Master Plans by conducting a physical, social and economic survey of the villages in the town / town and development trajectory. Under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961, these projects are to be submitted to the Office of the Director of Town and Country Planning, Bangalore and get approval from the Government
  • Town and Village Extension (Development) Plan / Development Reform Plans; Rehabilitation plans; Making shelter plans and other projects
  • To provide technical assistance to the Karnataka State Town Planning Board and the Urban Planning Authorities in formulating and implementing the Planning and Urban Planning Act in respect of the implementation of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and Rules
  • Providing assistance to the Karnataka Housing Board, Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board, Karnataka Slum development Board and other organizations in connection with planning matters
  • Government Departments; Design and provide technical approvals to semi government agencies, local bodies and private organizations on request
  • Providing technical opinion to the Revenue Department for conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes
  • Formulate well-established, safe and efficient traffic management plans and advise on their implementation

Duties and duties of office bearers and employees:

SL No Designation Powers and duties
1 Assistant Director Serves as the head of this office. Prepare development plans for urban and rural areas under their jurisdiction. Provide technical assistance to various government departments on planning and to the Department of Revenue when the land is being converted to non-agricultural purpose. Extending and planning for local bodies, local authorities and respective cities and villages, Preparation of plans for rehabilitation, reconstruction and traffic management proposals. The main functions of the Development and Implementation of Development Plans are to provide technical assistance to various Urban Development Authorities, Planning Authorities, Urban Local Authorities, and formulate plans to enhance and enhance the beauty of the city
2 Town planner Paper work for the respective technical matters in each branch will be submitted to the Assistant Director for thorough review of the rules.
3 Assistant town planner They submit to regulatory files for review and file approval by the bosses in the office’s daily technical functions
4 First Division Assistant Management of all work related to office administration
5 Typist Typing handwritten letters
6 D group employees Office Cleaning, Local Paper work and Operating on the instructions of officials

Sl No Designation Details of sanctioned posts Detail of the duties performed by the defending duty Remarks
1 Assistant Director 01 01
2 Town planner 01 01
3 Assistant town planner 03 02 The post is vacant and has not yet been vacated by the government
4 First Division Assistant 01 00 The post is vacant and has not yet been vacated by the government
5 Typist 01 00 The post is vacant and has not yet been vacated by the government
6 Driver 01 00 The post is vacant and has not yet been vacated by the government
7 D grade employee 02 00 The post is vacant and has not yet been vacated by the government

Formulas for duty management:

The functions of the office are carried out in accordance with the directions issued by the Government, in accordance with the instructions given in various statutes, by the various orders issued by the Government.

Details of rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and documentation that employees in the department follow in performing their duties:

1 Karnataka Urban Rural Planning Act, 1961
2 Karnataka State Urban Planning Board Regulations, 1964
3 Karnataka Planning Authority Regulations 1965
4 Karnataka Urban Development Authority Act, 1987
5 Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976
6 Karnataka Municipalities Act, 1964
7 Land Acquisition Act 1897
8 Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1964
9 Karnataka Home Board Act
10 Karnataka Sewage Abolition Board Act
11 Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board Act
12 Karnataka Civil Service Code 1957
13 National Highways Act 1956
14 Karnataka Highways Regulations 1965
15 Office Procedure Manual
16 Karnataka Economic Code
17 Handbook of Cost of Living
18 Right to Information Act 2005

Directory of officers and employees

Sl No Name and designation Office telephone number Mobile number
1 Mrs S Lavanya Assistant Director 08272-225683 8792834027
2 Shri Sajith C B Town planner 9481808008
3 Mr Sheikh Upsar Ahmed Assistant town planner 8971030166
4 Mrs. Soumya Assistant town planner 9686177562
5 Typists Vacant position
6 Driver Vacant position
7 D grade employee Vacant position