Disaster Management

“Disaster” means unforeseen and serious threat to public life with suddenness in terms of time. Declaration of disaster depends on gravity or magnitude of situation, number of victims involved, time factor i.e. suddenness of an event, non- availability of medical care in terms of space, equipment’s medical and paramedical staff, medicines and other basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing, weather conditions in the locality of incident etc., thus enhancing human sufferings and create human needs that the victim cannot alleviate without assistance. Disasters have been occurring ever since the existence of mankind. The total geographical area of the Kodagu district as per the provisional figures computed by the Survey of India is 4,102 km2 . While not all natural calamities can be predicted and prevented, a state of preparedness and ability to respond quickly to a natural calamity can considerably mitigate loss of life and property and human suffering and restore normalcy at the earliest.

The National Disaster Management Act was brought in year 2005 to promote a proactive approach focusing on all phases of Disaster Management and to give more coherence to the institution a structure required to take forward the paradigm shift in the approach to Disaster Management in the country. Accordingly, the State of Karnataka has formed the State Disaster Management Authority and District Disaster Management Authorities at all the districts for effective management of disasters in the District through the implementation of District Disaster Management Plans. Therefore Deputy Commissioner Office and Regional Commissioner Office played a major role in preparation and reformulation of District Disaster Management Plans (DDMP) in the year of 2017-18. Conducting consultative meeting at each Taluka which would guide the district administration to take up preventive and mitigation measures against disasters in the District, As a whole this is a genuine effort of district administration to develop the plan and if you have any suggestions and comments be free to convey the same so that we can include them in the next edition. We are thankful to all the institutions and persons who have provided us the vital information in time. Also some blank space has been provided wherever possible so that any further new information can be included as and when required.

Disaster Management Plan
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Kodagu Disaster Management Plan 2017-18




DDMA Meeting Proceedings  Date
Meeting Proceedings 31/07/2023
Meeting proceedings 22/06/2023
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