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A note on the preliminary post disaster investigation report of Talacauvery by GSI 15/09/2020 View (3 MB)
Application for disposal of fallen trees due to heavy rain 28/08/2020 View (200 KB)
August 19th Result 19/08/2020 View (445 KB)
August 18th Result 18/08/2020 View (435 KB)
August 17th Result 17/08/2020 View (461 KB)
August 16th Result 16/08/2020 View (446 KB)
August 15th Result 15/08/2020 View (441 KB)
August 14th Result 14/08/2020 View (444 KB)
Compensation in cases of home damage caused due to natural disaster in the 2020-21. 14/08/2020 View (5 MB)
Compensation in cases of human casualties due to natural disaster in the year 2020-21. 14/08/2020 View (922 KB)