Department of Fisheries

In comparison to other the districts of Karnataka, Kodagu district is unique in its fishery activity. In other districts, fishery activity is carried out in community/Public water resources where as in Kodagu farmers culture fish in their own ponds. It has been estimated that around 3000 farmers are engaged in fish farming in an area of 480. A total of 2500 hectares are used for fisheries activity in Kodagu district. Reservoirs like Harangi- 1886 hec and Chiklihole- 105 hec are disposed as per government rules.

The fisheries department distributes high-quality fish seed to fish farmers in the district to support the fisheries activity. The target for the year 2021-22 was around 70 lakhs, and 53.45 lakhs of fish seed distributed to 1500 fish farmers as of February 2022.

In Karnataka state Harangi is the only one place where production and rearing center for endangered Mahaseer fish .In the center, a total of 25000 Mahaseer fish seed had been produced till the end of February 2022. The center also distributes mahaseer seed to neighboring states too. Since of many years Mahaseer seeds produced was ranched in different river stretches of the district. As a result, the Mahaseer(Tor khudree) has been shifted from endangered to “SPECIES OF LEAST CONCERN” category by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).Continuous effort of the Fisheries Department, Kodagu.