Karnataka Maharishi Valmiki Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation Limited

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Implementation plans for the year 2021-22.

Only sub-castes of the following Scheduled Caste can apply for the benefit of the Karnataka Maharishi Valmiki Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation.

Valmiki, Nayaka, Maratha

Self Employment Direct Plan:

Cost of establishment of vegetable, fruit, fish, sheep/ pig / rabbit farms is Rs. 50,000 / – and Rs. 25000 / – as subsidy and Rs. 25000 / – will be issued by the corporation at an interest rate of 4%.

Business Benefit Scheme – ISB (in collaboration with banks):

The scheme is being implemented with a subsidy and bank loan from the corporation to set up self employment units in small industries, service and business sectors for unemployed youth / youth of the tribal sector under the enterprise development program.

For other non-vehicle purposes:

The unit cost is 70% or a maximum of Rs.2.00Lakh Subsidy. Remaining will be bank loan.

For the purpose of freight vehicle:

70% of the unit cost or a maximum of Rs.3.50 lakhs subsidy. Remaining will be bank loan.

Motivation (Micro Credit) Scheme:

Scheduled Tribal Women Self Help Groups will be financed for mass production / service units. For a group of 10 members, Rs. 2,50,000 / – will be allowed. Rs. 15,000 / – Subsidy Rs. 10,000 / – Maegin Money Loan Total Rs.25,000-00.

Gang welfare project: Individual irrigation:

Irrigation facilities will be provided by installing an open well / tube well pumped. pump on a small and very small farmer’s farm of at least 1.00 acres of Khushki land. Rs.3.00 lakhs subsidy and Rs.50,000 Will be Margin money.

Land Ownership Plan:

Landless women agricultural laborers of Scheduled Tribes will be registered and purchased at least 1 cents per acre or 1.00 acres of Khushki farm within the limit of Rs. 50% of the unit cost is subsidized and 50% of the term loan is paid by the corporation at an interest rate of 6%. The land beneficiary to purchase is a maximum of 10 km from the dwelling. Must be in range. Land sellers should not belong to a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe. Beneficiaries are required to repay the loan proceeds to the corporation in 20 equal installments every six months for ten years.

The general eligibility requirements for all corporations to avail of the projects are:

  • Applicants should belong to Scheduled Tribes and have been in Karnataka State for the last 15 years. Must be resident
  • Applicants should be between the age of 18 to 60 years.
  • Any member of the applicant’s family in a government / semi-government other organization Should not be on the job.
  • Neither the applicant nor his family should have availed the corporation previously.
  • Annual Income of Applicant’s Family Rs. 1,500,000 / – Rural and Rs. The area needs to be within limits.
  • Persons with disabilities should be given a certificate of disability by the concerned person.
  • Scheduled Schedule already registered with the District Disabled Welfare Officers Office District Manager’s recommendation to directly handicapped birds of the caste / Scheduled Tribe Facilities will be provided.
  • The land beneficiary is the landless women’s farm for availing the benefit under the land ownership scheme Should not be a laborer and have no farmland in the name of her husband or family member. Landowners who sell land should not belong to a Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe.
  • The beneficiary must be a small and very small farmer to avail the benefits under the Ganga welfare scheme.
  • Must have a driving license to avail the vehicle.

Documents to be submitted by the applicant for availability:

  • Portrait with application.
  • Scheduled Caste / Tribe Certificate.
  • Annual income letter of the family.
  • Family ration card.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Anchor card.
  • If it is a vehicle, a driving license.
  • PAHANI / RTC (Ganges Welfare Project).
  • Small Farmer Farmer Certificate (Gang welfare Project)
  • Family tree (Ganges welfare project).
  • Landless farm workers certificate (land ownership plan).