Fairs & Festivals


This harvest festival, literally meaning “new rice crop”, is celebrated in Kodagu when the paddy is ready to be harvested in the months of November- December. The ceremonious cutting of the new paddy crop by the head of the family falls on a full- moon night and is accompanied by chants of “Poli, Poli, Deva” (O God, give us bountiful harvest). A single shot is fired to summon Lord Iguthappa, the presiding deity of the Kodava people.

Dasara Festival at Madikeri

The Dasara festival is celebrated in September- October. The highlight of the festivities in Madikeri is a colourful procession of beautifully lit temple cars.


The harvest festival is the time for the Kodavas to feast after involving in hard labour of the ploughing, sowing and transplanting of rice. It is one of the two festivals that only Kodavas celebrate.