Seva Sindhu Kendra


Seva Sindhu is one stop shop to provide government related services and other information to the citizens. It is an integrated portal, to provide government services for the community which can be a very powerful tool to bridge the digital divide in the state, be it with the Government and the citizens, Government and the Businesses, Departments within the Governments etc. The Service delivery centre can use this portal to provide citizen centric services to the community by setting up a kiosk at the villages and cities. The aim of Sevasindhu is to make government services more accessible, cost-effective, accountable and transparent. It also provides the citizens with necessary awareness and assistance on government schemes and facilities to the community through effective information dissemination. It is a step towards seamless integration of the services of various departments. It also helps the departments in streamlining/simplifying the procedures/processes of the Department by removing cumbersome, time consuming and non-value adding steps/processes of the department so as to provide better services to the citizens. It also builds accountability.

About Seva Sindhu (e-District)

Seva Sindhu (e District) is one of the 31 MMPs under NeGP (National e Governance Plan), with the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India (GoI) as the nodal department, to be implemented by State Government or their designated agencies.The Seva Sindhu project was conceptualized to improve this experience and enhance the efficiencies of the various Departments at the district-level to enable seamless service delivery to the citizen.

Directorate of EDCS is the Nodal Agency in the State of Karnataka for implementation of the project at the State Level.As on date 346 services has been identified under various Departments to be integrated with Seva Sindhu. Out of these 71 are the National Mandatory Services and 225 are the State selected services. The Pilot Launch of Seva Sindhu was started on 26th May 2017 across the entire State of Karnataka with the integration of 29 certificate services from Revenue Department.  As on date 1,12,000 transactions have been successfully completed and more than 1,00,000 certificates have been issued to citizens through Seva Sindhu Portal. Currently, 18 additional services from Food and civil supplies, Drugs control, Health and family welfare and planning departments are also integrated.

Some of the major Advantages to the Departments are:

Departments can focus on their core functions which will help to increase efficiency of Departments and officials.

Various factual and exceptional MIS Reports will be made available to Departments via e-Portal which can lead to better planning and implementation of Government services

Linking the applications to SAKALA will ensure timely delivery of services.

Latest Data Analytics will be incorporated which help Departments to predict, understand trends and eventually help to serve the citizens better.

The benefits accruing from the Seva Sindhu project will be convenient and faster delivery of services to the citizens.

Some of the major Advantages to the Citizens are:

The Seva Sindhu Portal provides a single platform to the citizens to avail services of different Departments.

The citizens can access Seva Sindhu Portal Online other than office hours also and submit their request for the service. 

Citizens can track the status of their service request from anywhere & anytime.  

Alternatively, the citizens can visit any of the nearby Common Service Centre available at Gram Panchayat Level for availing the citizen services

Centralized helpdesk will be available for citizens to clarify doubts and resolve their problems 

Future Plans:

Integration of Seva Sindhu witheSign,Digilocker and SSDG

Issuance of a common Government Order from the State of Karnataka regarding mandatory integration of G2C Services in e-District portal and service charges for delivering the Services through various CSCs.

Seva Sindhu to be officially launched with more than 100 services from departments

Integration of various service delivery channels like Bangalore One, Karnataka One, BapujiSeva Kendra, Atal Jana Snehi Kendra, CSC at Gram Panchayat level with Seva Sindhu.

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Common Service Center Details

26KodaguSOMVARPETBYADAGOTTAHANDPOST, DODDAKUNDATAFSEER B M8762073313grama1[dot]byadagotta[at]gmail[dot]com27KodaguSOMVARPETCHETTALLIMAIN ROAD CHETTALLIMOIDEEN V P8971161311grama1[dot]chettalli[at]gmail[dot]com28KodaguSOMVARPETDODDAMALTHEDODAMALATHE VILLAGE & POSTRAKSHITH H S8277729040grama1[dot]doodamalthe[at]gmail[dot]com29KodaguSOMVARPETGOWDALLIGOWDALLI VILLAGE & POSTSHARAN H S7899830132grama1[dot]gowdally[at]gmail[dot]com30KodaguSOMVARPETHAANAGALLUHanagallu village & postChandra S9448799212grama1[dot]hanagallu[at]gmail[dot]com

Sl No District Taluk Gramapanchayat Location of gramaone center (name of the village ) Franchiseename contact number mail ID
1 Kodagu MADIKERI AIYAMGERI Near Juma Masjid Aiyangeri Abbas B H 6361738143 muhammedayangeri[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Kodagu MADIKERI BALLAMAVATI BALLAMAVATHI VILLAGE MADIKERI KAVERIE CK 9449542066 grama1[dot]ballamavati[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Kodagu MADIKERI BENGURU NEAR ARUNA JUNIOR COLLEGE ,Kotturu villag,cherambane post SACHIN KL 9480201694 grama1[dot]benguru[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Kodagu MADIKERI BHAGAMANDALA sannapulicotu village & post RANJITH K U 9481064813 grama1bhagamandala[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Kodagu MADIKERI CHEMBU #288 U CHEMBU VILLAGE MADIKERI KODAGU NITHIN KM 9740152254 grama1[dot]chembu[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Kodagu MADIKERI HAKATHURU #335 HAKATHUR MADIKERI KAVITHA D R 7019196826 grama1[dot]hakathuru[at]gmail[dot]com
7 Kodagu MADIKERI HODDURU HODAVADA, kotamudi village ahmad shareef k m 9482052251 9482052251 ahmadshareef090[at]gmail[dot]com
8 Kodagu MADIKERI KANTURU MARNADU Near Private Bus Stand, opp Post office Priyanka B K 9480988060 grama1[dot]kanthur[at]gmail[dot]com
9 Kodagu MADIKERI KANTURU MARNADU MAIN ROAD MURNAD MANJUNATHA H N 9449313929 grama1[dot]murnad[at]gmail[dot]com
10 Kodagu MADIKERI KONANJAGERI 239,BAVLLI VILLAGR MADIKERI SHYJI P E 7760387838 grama1[dot]parane[at]gmail[dot]com
11 Kodagu MADIKERI KUNDACHERI Bhagamandala main road padakallu village , chettimani Post Kundacheri Chethan P D 8762515580 grama1[dot]chettimani[at]gmail[dot]com
12 Kodagu MADIKERI MADE MADE VILLAGE & POST KAVITHA G S 9686191287 grama1[dot]made[at]gmail[dot]com
13 Kodagu MADIKERI MAKKANDURU Makkandur post and village SACHIN M V 8762066078 grama1[dot]makkandur[at]gmail[dot]com
14 Kodagu MADIKERI MARAGODU Maragodu Village & post ANANTHA KUMAR I 9448797457 grama1[dot]maragodu[at]gmail[dot]com
15 Kodagu MADIKERI NARIYANDADA ARAPATTU VILLAGE AND POST BOPANNA P M 9483387005 grama1[dot]arapattu[at]gmail[dot]com
17 Kodagu MADIKERI NAPOKLU FMC ROAD NAPOKLU ZAINUDDIN M AN 8050300140 grama1[dot]napoklu[at]gmail[dot]com
18 Kodagu MADIKERI NAPOKLU near jum masji FMC Road,Napoklu Hamsa M E 8951189313 grama1[dot]napoklu1[at]gmail[dot]com
19 Kodagu MADIKERI BETTAGERI KAGGADASAPURA railway gate Bettageri CHINTHAPARTHI MADHUSUDHANA 9535627818 madhudigital[dot]csc[at]gmail[dot]com
20 Kodagu MADIKERI GALIBEEDU Near old bus stand Madikeri Galibeedu Ramaprasad R 9448080903 grama1[dot]galibeedu[at]gmail[dot]com
21 Kodagu MADIKERI KALAKERI NIDUGANE church complex, GT Circle Karnangeri Anitha Rosario 9480306405 grama1[dot]karanangeri[at]gmail[dot]com
22 Kodagu SOMVARPET AIGUR RAVI PRIYA STORE AIGOOR VILLAGE & POST HARIDAS K G 9108958718 grama1[dot]aigoor[at]gmail[dot]com
23 Kodagu SOMVARPET ALURU SIDDAPURA ALUR SIDDAPURA VILLAGE & POST Sharath H S 9740701654 grama1[dot]alusiddapura[at]gmail[dot]com
24 Kodagu SOMVARPET BELUR BALAGUNDA VILLAGE,KASBUR POST ,SOMWARPET A T SHIVAKUMAR 7760422928 grama1[dot]balagunda[at]gmail[dot]com
25 Kodagu SOMVARPET BESSUR BESSUR VILLAGE & POST NANDEESHA H L 7026584323 nandeesh[dot]gowda[dot]3557[at]gmail[dot]com
26 Kodagu SOMVARPET BYADAGOTTA HANDPOST, DODDAKUNDA TAFSEER B M 8762073313 grama1[dot]byadagotta[at]gmail[dot]com
27 Kodagu SOMVARPET CHETTALLI MAIN ROAD CHETTALLI MOIDEEN V P 8971161311 grama1[dot]chettalli[at]gmail[dot]com
28 Kodagu SOMVARPET DODDAMALTHE DODAMALATHE VILLAGE & POST RAKSHITH H S 8277729040 grama1[dot]doodamalthe[at]gmail[dot]com
29 Kodagu SOMVARPET GOWDALLI GOWDALLI VILLAGE & POST SHARAN H S 7899830132 grama1[dot]gowdally[at]gmail[dot]com
30 Kodagu SOMVARPET HAANAGALLU Hanagallu village & post Chandra S 9448799212 grama1[dot]hanagallu[at]gmail[dot]com
31 Kodagu SOMVARPET HANDLI Opposite govt School,HANDLI HOMESHA 9945762090 grama1handli[at]gmail[dot]com
32 Kodagu SOMVARPET KODLIPET Near bus stand, Kodlipet Mohammed Razvi M K 8904737285 grama1[dot]kodlipet[at]gmail[dot]com
33 Kodagu SOMVARPET GUDDEHOSURU BASAVANHALLI VILLAGE& POST SHAIMA MM 9945173922 grama1basavanahally[at]gmail[dot]com
34 Kodagu SOMVARPET HEBBALE Halagote Road,Hebbale post Srikantha H B 9901244490 grama1[dot]hebbale[at]gmail[dot]com
35 Kodagu SOMVARPET KUDIGE KONANUR KUSHALNAGAR HIGHWAY OLD KUDIGE Umesha D 9663775929 grama1[dot]kudige[at]gmail[dot]com
36 Kodagu SOMVARPET KUDUMANGALORE kUDUMANGLORE VILLAGE SOMWARPET TALUK RENUPRASAD B M 9008583297 grama1[dot]kudumanglore[at]gmail[dot]com
37 Kodagu SOMVARPET MULLUSOGE B M ROAD MULLUSOGE NAVEEN P R 9448425530 grama1[dot]mullusoge[at]gmail[dot]com
38 Kodagu SOMVARPET MULLUSOGE By-Pass Road, Kushalnagar PRATHIBHA G P 8296796083 grama1kushalnagar@gamil[dot]com
39 Kodagu SOMVARPET NELLIAHUDIKERI Nelliahudikeri village & post Licy Lobo 7204900045 grama1[dot]nelliahudikeri[at]gmail[dot]com
40 Kodagu SOMVARPET NELLIAHUDIKERI Main Road Opp corporation bank Padmanabha 9611137116 grama1[dot]nelliahudhikeri[at]gmail[dot]com
41 Kodagu SOMVARPET SHIRANGALA SHIRANGALA VILLAGE & POST NUTHAN S R 9880939345 grama1[dot]shirangala[at]gmail[dot]com
42 Kodagu SOMVARPET SUNTICOPPA MADHURAMMA EXTENSION ULUGULLI SUNTIKOPPA pramila b s 7676765407 grama1sunticoppa[at]gmail[dot]com
43 Kodagu SOMVARPET SUNTICOPPA MADAPURA ROAD SUNTIKOPPA RAMYA T V 9449398041 grama1suntikoppa[at]gmail[dot]com
44 Kodagu VIRAJPET BALELE BALELE, near C R C bank AJESHA T V 9632515457 grama1balele[at]gmail[dot]com
45 Kodagu VIRAJPET HUDIKERI RMCL SHOP HUDIKERI village & post PRASHANTH KUMAE B B 9448373021 grama1[dot]hudikeri[at]gmail[dot]com
46 Kodagu VIRAJPET ARJI Arji Village,Malbar Road Philomena C V 7892416015 grama1[dot]arji[at]gmail[dot]com
47 Kodagu VIRAJPET HALUGUNDA KONDANGERI HALUGUNDA VIRAJPET RISHANA K M 9008446400 grama1[dot]kondangeri[at]gmail[dot]com
48 Kodagu VIRAJPET KANNANGALA kanngala village & post ABHIJITH H A 9353625182 grama1[dot]kannangala[at]gmail[dot]com
49 Kodagu VIRAJPET MALDERE BADAGA BANANGALA village, MALDARE VIRAJPET NAJEEB B S 7899256713 grama1[dot]maldare[at]gmail[dot]com
50 Kodagu VIRAJPET PALIBETTA SIDDAPURA ROAD NEAR GANAPATHY TEMPLE B G KAVYA 7259826959 grama1[dot]polibetta[at]gmail[dot]com
51 Kodagu VIRAJPET KARMADU GRAMA ONE, KARMADU VILLAGE, AMMATHI TOWN AND POST, S. KODAGU-571211 M ABHISHEK MUTHAPPA 9535451108 grama1[dot]karmadu[at]gmail[dot]com
52 Kodagu VIRAJPET SIDDAPURA NEAR SIDDAPURA BUS STAND NISHA K J 9481765597 grama1siddpur[at]gmail[dot]com
53 Kodagu VIRAJPET SIDDAPURA Virajpet Road, siddapura Rejith Kumar K K 9731783149 grama1[dot]siddapur[at]gmail[dot]com
54 Kodagu VIRAJPET ARUVTHOKLU gonikoppal village,maarket road kodagu Shyni M S 9740407020 grama1[dot]aruvthoklu[at]gmail[dot]com
55 Kodagu VIRAJPET DEVARAPURA devarapura,Hebbale kodagu Poornima K 9902735739 grama1[dot]devarapura1[at]gmail[dot]com
58 Kodagu VIRAJPET KANOORU OPP SCHOOL KANOOR VILLAGE AND POST H R SHEELA 9900818224 grama1[dot]kanoor[at]gmail[dot]com
59 Kodagu VIRAJPET PONNAMPET MAIN ROAD PONNAMPET M A KUTTAPPA 7338640469 grama1[dot]ponnampete[at]gmail[dot]com
60 Kodagu VIRAJPET PONNAMPET MAIN ROAD PONNAMPET NOUFAL K A 8050214936 grama1[dot]ponnampet1[at]gmail[dot]com
61 Kodagu VIRAJPET THITHIMATHI Virajpet-thithimati main road Sanosh V J 7676602722 grama1[dot]thithimathi1[at]gmail[dot]com
62 Kodagu VIRAJPET KUTTA BUS STAND, KUTTA TOWN SUNIL KUMAR J C 9901594889 grama1[dot]kutta[at]gmail[dot]com
63 Kodagu VIRAJPET SRIMANGALA NEAR BUS STAND,SRIMANGALA PRATHIKA B P 9945612640 grama1[dot]srimangala[at]gmail[dot]com
64 Kodagu VIRAJPET T.SHETTIGERI Opposite Bus stand T. Shettigeri K S Namritha 8197534223 grama1[dot]tshettigeri[at]gmail[dot]com
65 Kodagu VIRAJPET BETOLI BETOLI VIRAJPET KODAGU MOHAMMAD SUFIAN K M 7405746313 grama1[dot]betoli[at]gmail[dot]com
67 Kodagu SOMVARPET KODAGARAHALLI Kodagarahalli panchayath near KALAMANI R 9731039874 grama1[dot]kodagarahalli[at]gmail[dot]com
68 Kodagu SOMVARPET kudumanglore Near grama panchayath office Kudumangalore, kushalnagar Abdul Rashid A 9449998898 grama1[dot]kudumangalore[at]gmail[dot]com
69 Kodagu SOMVARPET NANJARAYAPATNA Nanjarayapatna village& post kushalnagar NOWSHEENA M U 9900782200 grama1[dot]nanjarayapayna[at]gmail[dot]com
70 Kodagu VIRAJPET CHEMBEBELLURU NEAR CORPORATION BANK , CHICKPET SABAD C M 9449464869 gramaonechembebellur[at]gmail[dot]com
71 Kodagu VIRAJPET CHENNAYYANAKOTE NEAR GANAPATHY TEMPLE SUNIL H S 9632365135 grama1[dot]chennayanakote[at]gmail[dot]com
72 Kodagu VIRAJPET KAKOTUPARAMBU OPP OLD SYNDICATE BANK MOHAMMED SALIH 8197644497 gkakotuparambu[at]gmail[dot]com
73 Kodagu SOMVARPET DUNDALLI SERVICE STATION rajashekar 9480530822 dundallipanchaythigramaone[at]gmail[dot]com
74 Kodagu SOMVARPET KIRAGANDURU Kiraganduru Santhosh L 9449092908 grama1[dot]kiraganduru[at]gmail[dot]com
75 Kodagu SOMVARPET SHANIVARASANTHE Main Road, Opposite Union Bank, Shanivarsanthe Theertha Kumar M R 7019083456 grama1[dot]shanivarasanthe[at]gmail[dot]com
76 Kodagu SOMVARPET THORENOOR MAIN ROAD YOGESH KUMAR D R 9844783359 grama1thorenur[at]gmail[dot]com
77 Kodagu MADIKERI KADAGADALU NEAR PANCHAYATH OFFICE KADAGADALU VILLAGE SALID K A 9071686643 grama1[dot]kadagadalu[at]gmail[dot]com
78 Kodagu MADIKERI KUNIJALA Near Kakabe Bridge sangeetha ps 9483909714 grama1[dot]kunjilakakkabe[at]gmail[dot]com
79 Kodagu MADIKERI MEKERI NEAR GRAMA PANCHAYATH JITHIN M RMEKERI 9483333143 gramaone[dot]mekeri[at]gmail[dot]com