Minor irrigation and Groundwater Development Dept

List of activities:

Monitoring of Groundwater levels in the Observation Bore Wells

The Groundwater levels were recorded during every month in the Observation Bore Wells distributed in the different villages /Towns in the District the details were recorded in register and uploaded to the computer with the GWDES Software monthly water level data, Rise and Fall in the Groundwater levels, Fluctuation, GWDI & GWDC reports were generated and send to the Groundwater Directorate , Bengaluru, Deputy Commissioner, CEO ZP, , District Disaster Management cell, KSNMDC, Yelahanka regularly.

Collection of Groundwater samples from the Observation Bore Wells

Groundwater samples were collected from the observation Bore Wells during the pre monsoon season (April) for the year. These BASE samples were analysed in the chemical laboratory. Further these results were compared with IS10500 Drinking water specifications for potable and non potable categorization. Non potable samples were identified and the TREND Groundwater samples collected during the month of October and were sent to the chemical laboratory. After obtaining the results for both BASE samples and TREND samples, the DATA was uploaded to GWDES Software and send to Groundwater Directorate, Bengaluru by Email

Ground water Resources Estimation

The Groundwater Resources Estimation as on March- 2017 is completed and all the five taluks comes under safe category in respect Groundwater usage in the District. The Groundwater Resources Estimation as on March- 2020 is to be assessed with the GWREC 2015-report/Methodology. The data related to rain fall, Ground water levels , dug wells & Bore Wells details ,well command area, surface water command area, canal details , tanks & ponds , tank command area, lift irrigated area , crop details , population, ARS details are collected from different government departments. These details were uploaded to computers and tabulation of the data on water shed basis is under process. The detail report to be send to Groundwater Directorate, Bengaluru and central Groundwater Board for Further needful action

Services Given through District Groundwater Office, Miner Irrigation & Groundwater Development Department

Application were received to given Technical advice for bore well Point site selection for Government Department/Institute/Others and publics by Geo-Hydrological/ Geo-Physical method. The service provided is completely online which is enable through Seva sindhu (SERVICE PLUS-Metadata-based integrated e-Service Delivery Framework) web portal attach with related documents 13

Sl.No. Name Of The Service Unit Technical fees TTechnical Advice Period
1 Geo-Hydrological Survey Open Well/ Bore Well Point Selection For Agriculture Purpose 1 500.00 45 Days
2 Geo-Hydrological Survey Open Well/ Bore Well Point Selection For Non-Agriculture Purpose (Govt. Dept.,/ Other) 1 1000.00 45 Days
3 Geo-Physical Survey Open Well/ Bore Well Point Selection For Agriculture Purpose 1 1000.00 45 Days
4 Geo-Physical Survey Open Well/ Bore Well Point Selection For Non-Agriculture Purpose (Govt. Dept.,/ Other) 1 2000.00 45 Days

Government departments, educational institutions can obtain ground level data for requesting letter from the Head of the Department or the Head of the Institute and other relevant documentation for obtaining ground level data for study wells. The letter must certify that the water level data obtained from this office is not used for personal research and reporting and is not provided to private individuals and organizations. Private individuals can obtain a request letter and other related documentation about the need to obtain ground-level data, the fee is as follows.

Sl.No. Name Of The Service Unit Technical fees TTechnical Advice Period
1 10 years Ground level data of 1 taluk for Private individuals 1 Taluk 2500
2 10 years Ground level data of 1 observation bore well for Private individuals 1 250

Groundwater Awareness Programs

As per the guidance & directions by the Director Groundwater Directorate Bengaluru, three Groundwater Awareness Programs were conducted by the District Groundwater office Mysuru regarding groundwater conservation, proper utilization, roof water harvesting & ground water recharge, groundwater quality ,prevention of polluting the groundwater aquifers, utilization of treated water other than domestic purposes, ground water management and control over the exploitation, safe closer of failed bore wells to prevent and avoid the falling of small children etc to the school & college students, public & farmers , government servants & NGOs.

Authority Works

Registration of Rigs and collection of penalty

Applications were received for the form 7A Rig registration along with the prescribed documents and the registration fees of Rs 5000/- in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Chairman, Karnataka Ground water Authority Bengaluru. The total amount was remitted to the Karnataka Ground water Authority Bank account. After obtaining the Rig inspection report from the Geologist, these applications were forwarded to the Member Secretary, Karnataka Ground water Authority, Bengaluru for further needful action. So far 32Rigs were registered and in Mysuru District and the copies of the same were send to the Deputy Commissioner, Mysuru, CEO, ZP, Mysuru and Executive Engineer, RWSS, Mysuru for kind information .


The Hon’ble National Green Tribunal, New Delhi vide order dated the 15th April 2015 in OA Nos 204/205/206 of 2014 has issued directions to the Authority to ensure that any person operating tube-well, or any means to extract ground water shall obtain permission from the Authority and shall operate the same subject to the law in force, even if such unit is existing unit or the unit is yet to be established.

The circular from the Karnataka Groundwater Authority, Banglore over-exploitation of ground water resources and also to augment the depleting ground water resources. State and Central ground water authority estimated the ground water resources as on 2011 as per the estimation out of 176 assessed taluks more than 30 over exploited taluks 06 critical and 07 semi critical taluks in the state of Karnataka. Ground water is used for other purposes even Infrastructure/Industrial/Commercial in other purposes even unannounced area / taluks Obtaining permission / NOC is mandatory. From The year 2020-21 December This Service will be Through Online website: or website:https://antharjala. go through online and submit relevant documents and fees after technical officer survey the area and bore well finally prepare the report and dispose the application.

Fees Structure Details below the Tables

Sl. No. Service Name Each Bore well/Open well
Survey fee for each application
1 Infrastructure Rs.500 Rs.3000
2 Mining Rs.500 Rs.3000
3 Entertainment Rs.500 Rs.3000
4 Other Purpose Rs.500 Rs.3000
5 Domestic Rs.500 Rs.3000
6 Industry Rs.500 Rs.3000