Coffee Board


Coffee Board is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India is having offices at different coffee growing tracts for the well being of the growers fraternity. Head office being situated in Bengaluru, Research and Extension centers are located in taluks of Kodagu District viz., Madikeri, Somwarpet and Ponnampet.

Designation wise address and contact details are as follows


Sl No Name of the Officer Designation Address Contact Number Email Address
1 Dr Nagaraj J S Joint Director (Research) Coffee Research Sub Station Chettalli –571248 08272-298088
2 Dr George Daniel Deputy Director (Research) 08272-298088 6362451525 9481288726
3 Shri. Shivakumaraswamy B Deputy Director (Extension) Daswal Road MADIKERI – 571 201 08272-225518 9449835518
4 Shri Ajit Kumar Rout Senior Liaison Officer 08272-298514 9483504414
5 Dr. Sridevi K Deputy Director (Extension) I/c Technology Evaluation Center Gonicoppal – 571213 08274-298386 9449851606
6 Dr. Sridevi K Senior Liaison Officer 08274-298011 9480241428
6 Shri Gopal Naik S Senior Liaison Officer P.B.No.22, Somwarpet – 571 236 08276-282008


The Kodagu district comprises of five taluks – Madikeri, Virajpet, Ponnampet, Somwarpet & Kushalnaagar. The District has a total geographical area of 4106 sq. Km and Coffee is being cultivated in 1197 sq km of area. In Kodagu district, Coffee is grown in 1,06,921 ha, which accounts to 44% of the total coffee area of the state of Karnataka. Most of the coffee area of the district is owned by small growers, i.e., with less than 10 hectares. Kodagu produces coffee crop of about 1,10,730 MT per year, which accounts to 50% of the State’s and 35% of Country’s production. As the Coffee cultivation is a labour oriented, in Kodagu, 51% of employment is being generated in the Coffee plantations.

Coffee cultivation is being done depending on the region specific environmental condition. Robusta Coffee is mainly grown in Madikeri, Virajpet, Ponnampet & Kushalnagar Taluk and Arabica Coffee is the main crop of Somwarpet Taluk.

MADIKERI Arabica 1250 1190 12408 77
Robusta 22956 21348
Total 24206 22538
SOMWARPET & KUSHALNAGAR Arabica 24050 22400 10108 158
Robusta 6870 5890
Total 30920 28290
VIRAJPET & PONNAMPET Arabica 1740 1672 21445 124
Robusta 50055 48781
Total 51795 50453
MADIKERI Arabica 691 473
Robusta 23259 1118
Total 23950 1076
Robusta 6749 1246
Total 22890 813
VIRAJPET & PONNAMPET Arabica 1015 603
Robusta 67746 1388
Total 68761 1362



Kodagu owns conducive environment for coffee cultivation, as most of the district border is bounded by the Western Ghats, while the eastern part of the plain receives abundant rainfall during the monsoon season and also receives few rains during North East Monsoon. The average rainfall is in the range of 1,000 mm and 5,000 mm per year and average temperature is in the range of 180 C to 360 C.


After the free market system began during 1990s, the Coffee Board has been working as a friend, philosopher and guide to the coffee industry for the convenience of the stakeholders and to promote the coffee industry.

Research Division

The Coffee Board has a Central Coffee Research Station at Balehonnur (Chikkamagaluru District) to conduct research on various aspects of coffee cultivation. Scientists in the station are conducting research on Genetic improvement, Agricultural Chemistry, Entomology, Soil Chemistry, Agronomic practices & Post-Harvest Technology.

Coffee Research Sub Station, Chettalli:

The Coffee Research Sub-station was established in 1946 at Chettalli village of Kodagu District of Karnataka. 80 Ha. is planted with coffee to conduct Research Experiments. It has a well equipped laboratory facility and scientific and technical staff to conduct research in all major disciplines.

This center conducts various research activities and a soil testing center has been established for the benefit of growers. In addition, the seed coffee requirements of the industry are being fulfilled. Further, Clonal plants of Robusta Coffee are being developed and supplied to the farmers.

Technology Evaluation Center, Gonikoppal:

The Coffee Board has established Technology Evaluation Centers at key areas of the coffee growing tracts of the country to evaluate the technologies and its delivery comprehensively and directly to the coffee growers. As a part of this concept, a regional center was established in 1958 at Arvathoklu Village near Gonikoppal, South Kodagu Region. The main programs of the center are as follows.,

  • Demonstrating scientific methods
  • Introducing coffee farming practices to improve production.
  • Training on coffee cultivation.
  • Improved Seed coffee production and its supply.
  • Performance evaluation of different coffee breeds.
  • Supply of Clonal seedlings.
  • Soil testing and recommendation of nutrients.

Extension Activities:

The Coffee Extension Division has local offices in the area where the coffee is grown and the technical staff is in close contact with the growers. Its main purpose is to create awareness and implement the technologies developed at the Research stations and to inform scientists about the problems of planters and to provide the necessary solutions to their problems. The Extension Department is acting as a bridge in lab to land system towards dissemination of technologies to the coffee growers. Currently, the District has offices in Madikeri, Somwarpet and Gonikoppa. In addition to the above, the extension department is implementing various government-approved development programs for the benefit of the growers.

The Coffee Board offers following services to growers at different levels,

  • Technological assistance for crop improvement and Pest and Disease management, Advisory, Training, Demonstrations, Village Level Workshops, Farmers’ Filed School, Capacity Building Program, Farmers Tours, Exposure Visits, Seminar and Vocational Training Programs (especially for women coffee growers) are being provided. Also, a Coffee Krishi Tharanga platform – a customized two-way IVR helpline is available 24/7 is being provided.
  • Providing timely advisory to coffee growers through personal visit or through social media platforms.
  • Collection of soil samples from coffee plantations and send them to research centers to promote the use of balanced fertilizers based on the soil analytical results.
  • Supply of Broca traps, lure materials and seed coffee to encourage adoption of environmental friendly pest control measures.

Development Division:

During previous years of different plan periods, Coffee growers have been assisted with financial support for various infrastructures development programme viz., Replantation & Expansion programme, Water Augmentation, Quality Upgradation, Mechanization, Eco certification of coffee, Financial scholarships under Labour Welfare Measures and Market Development scheme.

Coffee Board is also encouraging entrepreneurs who want to set up a Roasting and Grinding Unit to expand the domestic market in the country. Exclusive schemes to support SC/ST beneficiaries have also been implemented.

Recognizing the importance of Coffee in the Economy of the District, Coffee Crop has been selected for the Kodagu District under the Government of India’s “One District One Product” programme. Under this scheme, 50 per cent assistance (35% from central Government and 15% from State Government) will be provided for setting up Coffee related small enterprises / activities. The project is being implemented in the state of Karnataka through the Agriculture Department.

The Coffee Quality Division of the Board is conducting training programs in various locations of the country to promote domestic coffee consumption. The enthusiastic youths who have participated in the event have already opened coffee cafes in the cities of North India and are promoting their coffee. Programs like this are expected to boost coffee demand in North India in the near future.


  • For online services, please visit “Services” tab under Coffee Board Website
  • Export permits
  • Subsidy
  • Curing Licenses
  • Grower Registration
  • Export Registration

Required information on various aspects viz., Coffee Statistics, Market prices, Export Information, Database on coffee may also be obtained by visiting the Coffee Board website.


Facility is available at the Coffee Board offices located in the Kodagu District to test the moisture content and the Outturn of the Coffee sample provided by the coffee growers.