Kodagu Zilla Panchayath

Government of Karnataka

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Kodagu Zilla Panchayat is an elected body :

  1. The elected members as determined under Section 160
  2. The members of the House of People and the members of the State Legislative Assembly representing a part or whole of the district whose constituencies lie within the district
  3. The members of the Council of State and the members of the State Legislative Council who are registered as electors within the district.
  4. The Adyakshas of Taluk Panchayats in the district.


The Adhyaksha shall be the executive head of the Zilla Panchayat and shall

  1. Convene, preside at and conduct meetings of the Zilla Panchayath
  2. Discharge all duties imposed and exercise all the powers conferred on him by or under this Act of perform such functions entrusted to him by the Government from time to time
  3. Exercise overall supervision over the financial and executive administration of the Zilla Panchayath and place before the Zilla Panchayath all questions connected therewith which shall appear to him to require his orders and for this purpose may call for records of the Zilla Panchayath and
Have power to accord sanction up to a total sum of rupees one lakh in a year for the purpose of providing immediate relief to those who are affected by natural calamities in the district.


The Upadhyaksha of the Zilla Panchayath shall

  1. exercise the powers and perform the functions of the Adhyaksha when he is absent on leave or incapacitated from functioning or when the office of Adhyaksha is vacant and
  2. in the absence of the Adhyaksha or when the office of the Adhyaksha is vacant, preside over the meeting of the Zilla Panchayath.

Functions of Zilla Panchayath

  1. Zilla Panchayath shall perform the functions specified in Schedule III:
    Provided that where the State Government or Central Government provide funds for the performance of any function specified in Schedule III, the Zilla Panchayath shall perform such functions in accordance with the guidelines or norms laid down for performance of such function

  2. Not withstanding anything contained in sub-section (1) or schedule III, it shall be obligatory on the part of the Zilla Panchayath so far as the Zilla Panchayat fund at its disposal will allow, to make reasonable provisions within the area under its jurisdiction, in respect of the following matters, namely:

The Government appoints the Chief Executive Officer to carry out administration of Zilla Panchayath and also appoints Chief Accounts Officer, Chief Planning Officer and one or more Deputy Secretaries who work directly under the Chief Executive Officer and assist him, at Taluka Level Executive officers help CEO in implementing Taluk Level Programmes.